Gloomy patterns, addictive moods and melodic, unconventional music. That's how Finnish extreme metal band i Helvete swallows the listener to the edge of Northern Darkness.

The band took its first breath in 2018 by releasing double-single “Pimeyden Ytimessä / Umpikuja”. After two years of writing new material i Helvete grew from duo to a full band and went back to the studio to record their praised concept debut album “Sinisten Puiden Niitty” in 2021.

Consisting of experienced musicians, i Helvete hasn't played any gigs yet - it's left to wait for the right moment. Instead, the band has focused on making new music. The second concept album “Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta” will see the light in November 2023.

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Aleksi Mäkelä - Vocals & Guitar

Manu Kujala - Guitar

Tapio Holappa - Bass

Teemu Koski - Drums