Melodic black metal riffs, choir synths and catchiness from the modern metal. That's how Finnish melodic black/death metal band i Helvete swallows the listener to the edge of Northern Darkness.

The band took its first breath in 2018 by releasing double-single “Pimeyden Ytimessä / Umpikuja”. After two years of writing new material i Helvete grew from duo to a full band and went back to the studio to record their debut album “Sinisten Puiden Niitty” (2021). It was followed by 2nd album “Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta”, which was released 24th of November 2023 via Inverse Records.

Consisting of experienced musicians, i Helvete hasn't played any gigs yet - it's left to wait for the right moment. Instead, the band has focused on making new music.

#MelodicBlackMetal #MelodicDeathMetal


Pimeyden Ytimessä / Umpikuja (Single 2018)Twilight of the Gods (Bathory Cover) (Single 2021)Vihapuhe (Single 2021)Sairaan Mielen Sinfonia (Single 2021)Sinisten Puiden Niitty (Full Album 2021)Uuden Ajan ABC (Single 2023)Suuri Puhdistus (Single 2023)Paratiisi (Single 2023)Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta (Full Album 2023)